Porcelain Fused to Metal:

Shofu Vintage Halo Porcelain

Shofu's Vintage Halo porcelain system allows Valley Dental Lab to create restorations that achieve the natural opalescence, fluorescence and three-dimensional appearance that is identical to natural dentition. This startling new porcelain system has outstanding physical properties including greater strength, superb biocompatibility and a wear rate that is similar to natural enamel. Moreover, Vintage Halo Opal porcelain is similar in both particle distribution and structure to natural enamel... achieving ideal light refraction! In fact, Vintage Halo is the only porcelain system that addresses the difficulty in shade selection due to the contrast between the red-violet color of the gingiva and the natural tooth. Shofu has solved this problem by introducing a "GUM®" gingival colored shade tab holder that's available in three gingival shades. Each GUMY® can hold up to three shade tabs... making it easy to obtain the ultimate aesthetic result.

Shofu - Vintage Halo Peter Pizzi Anterior Case Video

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