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Ivoclar IPS e.max

Whether your framework is pressed from their new ingots, or scanned, designed and then cut from the milling machine, the universal eMAX ceramic veneering porcelain allows us to control shade and light reflectance more accurately.

3M Lava Zirconia

Lava™ restorations are made with Lava™ Zirconia and are designed and milled with the innovative Lava™ CAD/CAM system. The combination of materials used and the precise milling process produce a strong restoration with excellent marginal integrity. Lava™ crowns and bridges also offer a beautifully natural translucency in addition to their strength and marginal fit.
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"On a scale of 1 to 10, Valley Dental Lab is a 10. A world class lab."
- Dr. Alan Woodson

"The quality is exceptional, the service is world class, and the turnaround time is the best I've experienced. ...
- Dr. Wayne Wong

"Exceptional service, unbeatable integrity and dedicated to quality dentistry."
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