Policies & Terms

Business Hours

8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Monday through Friday

Financial Policies

Accounts are billed monthly after approval of credit.
COD will apply when an account is over 30 days past due.
A 1.5% charge of the balance over 30 days will be applied
to the account.Accounts past 60 days will be subject to collection procedures.
Payment may be made by check or VISA and MASTERCARD.

Remakes and Changes

Responsibility is limited to fitting of models supplied or models
poured from impressions supplied. A charge will apply for a remake
when a customer is informed of the inadvisability of proceeding
due to a poor impression.

Custom Shading

No additional charge for custom shading will be added to the cost of a restoration. Rush Work An additional minimum charge of 20% of the cost of the restoration. Delivery Guarantee If an account is not notified of a problem of a late delivery at least 24 hours prior to the chair-time the case will be billed only for materials.

Warranty for 5 Years

Once we accept your model or impression, we stand behind our work for five (5) full years. Period. If you experience a problem with our workmanship or materials, simply return the case, and we will repair or re-make it free of charge. For the discriminating dentist, according to the independent survey, Valley Dental Laboratory is just what the doctor ordered.

Guaranteed Delivery Date! (Or it's FREE!)

We provide free pick-up and delivery for dentists in the local area and free shipping to our out-of-town accounts. Although you can't rush quality, all work is normally finished within 10 working days. As soon as your case arrives, it is promptly scheduled for production, all required models are poured, and your delivery date is con- firmed. We call you immediately if we have any questions or suggestions. Not only do we get it right the first time, you get it on time.
Every time. Or you pay for materials only.

Exceptional Service

If there's anything better
than the quality of our work,
it's our service.

according to the survey:
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"On a scale of 1 to 10, Valley Dental Lab is a 10. A world class lab."
- Dr. Alan Woodson

"The quality is exceptional, the service is world class, and the turnaround time is the best I've experienced. ...
- Dr. Wayne Wong

"Exceptional service, unbeatable integrity and dedicated to quality dentistry."
- Dr. Margareta Gavrila


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