Bill Volbeda Owner/President, Certified Dental Technician

"Exceptional service, unbeatable integrity, and dedicated
to quality dentistry!"

- Dr. Margareta Gavrila

That was how Dr. Gavrila described Bill when I responding to a consultant's independent survey of our accounts. Other doctors used terms like "exceptional" and "the best" to describe Bill's quality, service, and turnaround. One comment best summarized prevailing opinion: " I wish I could clone him."

Bill explains his success this way, "My goal, every day, every case, is to provide excellence in quality and service." According to our doctors (see quotes section for example) he meets or exceeds his goal daily. Another reason for Bill's success is his extraordinary level
of expertise.

He is one of a handful nationwide who is a Certified Dental Technician in three different specialties: Crown and Bridge, Complete Dentures, and Dental Ceramics. Such dedication to professionalism and precision has made Bill highly sought after by quality-minded dentists
. .. and the envy of other lab owners

Born in the Netherlands and raised in California, Bill lives in Chino with his wife Elaine,
a Registered Nurse.

They have two adult children
Danieland Alisa. Bill’s hobbies include
4-wheeling, RVing, and fishing.

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Exceptional Service

If there's anything better
than the quality of our work,
it's our service.

according to the survey:
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"On a scale of 1 to 10, Valley Dental Lab is a 10. A world class lab."
- Dr. Alan Woodson

"The quality is exceptional, the service is world class, and the turnaround time is the best I've experienced. ...
- Dr. Wayne Wong

"Exceptional service, unbeatable integrity and dedicated to quality dentistry."
- Dr. Margareta Gavrila


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